About Us

Ramaph Group Holdings (Ramaph) is a wholly Black-owned company incorporated in 2003. The group has two subsidiaries which are also wholly owned, Ramaph Financial Services (Pty) Ltd – An Authorised Financial Services Provider: FSP 34922 and Ramaph Fund Managers (Pty) Ltd.


Today, the group is a formidable player within Health Care Consulting, Funeral Insurance and Legal Aid and subscriber fund management (for subscriber based organisations like Trade Unions, Taxi Associations etc).


The group is a mission-driven South African organization that seek to improve the socio-economic conditions of the previously marginalized through introduction of different ways of minimizing hardship caused by either poor health or loss of family member, as well as legal battles that may be confronted with. These goals may be achieved via a collective in the form of a society, trade union, taxi association and or as an individual family.


Our Stakeholders

  • Employer Groups: both medical aid cover and funeral insurance
  • Individuals Families: both medical aid cover and funeral insurance
  • Intermediaries and Brokers: comprehensive funeral insurance administration
  • Burial Societies/Social Clubs: funeral cover, repatriation and grocery benefits
  • Trade Unions and Loyalty/Affinity Group: combination of benefits, including administration

Our Vision

We aspire to be the trusted and respected provider of carefully selected Healthcare Solutions, Funeral Insurance and other related products and services,


Our Mission

To provide professional, trusted and sustainable Healthcare Solutions, Funeral Insurance, Legal Aid and other related products and services.


Our Strategic Intent

Our dealings with our stakeholders will be guided by the following principles:

  • Sincerity
  • Openness
  • Truthfulness


Ethics + Integrity = Trust!


Our intent: to be trusted, every day.


Our Strength

Our Directors, Associates and employees alike, boast a wealth of experience (50+ years combined) in our chosen fields. What also makes Ramaph Team special is the dedication, commitment and passion they show in their respective assignments.


Both our Directors and Associates are hands-on, thereby allowing for quicker turn-around times while providing leadership, mentorship and guidance to staff, creating a conducive learning environment for everyone to thrive and realize their full potential.


Ramaph believes in a holistic approach to healthcare. Since healthcare is an extremely specialised industry, our advice, solutions and support..


Ramaph offer customised funeral insurance products. Our product range is flexible and designed to meet the varying needs of individual...


Trade Unions, Taxi Associations and many other subscriber-based organisations have complex needs, ranging from...


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