Funeral Funds Management

Ramaph has over the years build a reputation of being a professional, compassionate and solid funeral funds manager for Church and Employer Groups, Funeral Undertakers, Taxi Associations, Trade Unions as well as Burial Societies.

Our highly sophisticated administration platform offers robust features which make it efficient, secure and reliable as the system requires very little and or less human intervention. The system is web-based, thereby allowing you access anywhere anytime from any web browser, including Mobile Devices!

The following are some of the main features of our administration system:

Feature   What it Does   Benefit to the Client
Membership Cards   Issues Members with Membership Card   Membership Card enhances the professional image of your Funeral Undertaker, Group and or Club
Distribution of Commission   Pre-set commission parameters per Category   Fast, easy and correct commission calculation
Multiple Payment Methods   Cash, Direct Bank Deposit, Debit Order, Stop Order including Persal and Debit Order   Increases client's target market
Remote Terminal Interface   Office-less operations for Sales Force in the field. Data lookups, receipting and printing in the field   Answering queries there and then
Multiple Communication Platform   Ability to send both bulk SMS and E-mails   Cost-effective communication
Fraud &Theft Management and Prevention   In-depth Audit Trail   Able to pinpoint who did what and when on the system

Member and Dependent Management, Claims Administration, Policy Payments and Reports as well as Group or Branch Management are some of the basic modules of the system.

Should your data be mixed up, we will work with you to have it cleaned up to an acceptable level and source the best and sustainable underwriting premium for you.

We do not offer low underwriting premiums only to increase the premiums within a short space of time. We strive to guarantee our premium for at least twelve months, this will ensure that your business offerings are sustainable and remain affordable to your target market.

Please feel free to contact us at: 086 172 6274 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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