Funeral Insurance

Ramaph offer customised funeral insurance products. Our product range is flexible and designed to meet the varying needs of individual families, burial societies and much larger member based scheme like unions and affinity products.

Burial Societies (minimum of 10 members)

Almost 75% of the burial societies are self-insured, thereby offering very limited monetary benefits. The high mortality rate has over time, rendered most of the burial societies financial unsustainable, leading to the closure of most of them.

Ramaph has developed price-sensitive products, ranging from R7500 - R20 000, included is a grocery and repatriation benefits. The products include extended families while children over the age of 21 are eligible.

Individual Family

This product focuses on the working class earners - the economic core of South Africa. They are progressive in their outlook, open to new experiences and eager to explore.

They do not want to be dictated to but want to enjoy the freedom they got used to since its dawn in 1994! They would like to choose their method of payment either debit order, direct bank deposit, EFT and or Persal (government stop order).

The products are competitively priced, benefits ranging from R10 000 - R30 000, with grocery and repatriation benefits included. Extended families and children over 21 are also eligible for cover.

Compulsory: Employer Group Funeral Cover

For some companies, corporates and SMME's, it is a condition of employment to belong to the company's Funeral Insurance.

Due to lack of capacity and the high cost of effecting proper administration, Ramaph has created capacity to carry out comprehensive benefit administration for employer groups with a minimum of ten members.

Our services range from member sign-on, submission of premium file to Human Resources/Finance, premium reconciliation up to and including claim management.

Depending on the needs and affordability, Ramaph is able to tailor-make your cover to include amongst others, parents, in-laws, adult children and even extended families like brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles.


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Ramaph offer customised funeral insurance products. Our product range is flexible and designed to meet the varying needs of individual...


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