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Ramaph Funeral Insurance Administrators (Pty) Ltd is An Authorised Financial Services Provider: FSP 46015

Our affordable funeral plans will ensure that you give your loved ones, a dignified funeral. The cost of burying your loved ones, should not be an issue during such difficult time.

Ramaph offers funeral insurace covers to:
  • Burial Societies, Social Clubs and Stokvels
  • Compulsory Employer Groups Funeral Cover
  • Individual Families

Ramaph offer customised funeral insurance products. Our product range is flexible and designed to meet the varying needs of individual families, burial societies and much larger member based scheme like unions and affinity products.

COVID-19 has had and it is still having a devastated effect on many households. The rate of unemployment continues unabated, both lives and livelihoods are negatively impacted upon. Our resolve to Make a Difference in People's Liveshave spurned us into action. From January 2022, all Ramaph Group Funeral Insurance policyholders will have access to varied discount coupons on grocery items from Shoprite/Checkers and Checkers Hyper. Please click on the link below to view grocery items on offer and further note that we endeavour to increase the items over time.

Burial Societies

We offer referral fees for introducing burial societies. (Terms & Conditions apply)

The African communal way of living have given rise to Burial Societies, the oldest form of assistance to bereaved families. Initially the asisstance was less monetary and more manual labour. The model and the system has since evolved and as of now, monetary assistance to the bereaved family has taken centre stage followed by manual labour.

Ramaph has over the years studied and familiarised ourselves with the model as well as the operating systems of Burial Societies. Our sustained close proximity to Burial Societies, Social Clubs and Stokvels has taught us valuable lessons, which informed our approach in enhancing their model and systems.

We pride ourselves in achieving the following:
  • Increased the monetary benefits of the members.
  • Our model has ensured that Burial Societies are financially sustained.
  • Burial Societies are able to build financial reserves to start saving and later invest (irrespective of the number of deaths they have).

Minimum Requirements
  • Minimum number of Main Members - 10.
  • Bank Account in the name of the Group.
  • In case of Employers, no Bank Account is required.

It is our considered opinion that we always present to the general meeting of a Burial Society and Stokvel for each member to ask questions and be familiar with the Terms and Condition as well as all the relevant processes before joining. Please complete the below no obligation request for a presentation.
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Our most affordable plans for your group:

Burial Society/Stokvel Plans

Our grocery benefits are redeemed at any:

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Individual Family

The product focuses on the working class earners - the economic core of South Africa. They are progressive in their outlook, open to new experiences and eager to explore.

They do not want to be dictated to, but are eager to explore any avenue that seeks to improve and enhance their living conditions. Due to their high mobility, flexibility on how pay their premiums: debit order, direct bank deposit, EFT and or Persal (government stop order) is key.

The products are competitively priced, benefits ranging from R7 500 - R50 000, some with grocery and airtime benefits while repatriation is standard. Extended families and children over 21 are also eligible for cover at no extra cost.

Individual Family Plans

Our grocery benefits are redeemed at any:

Group Savings & Investment

Now that you have made necessary provision in the unfortunate event of losing a loved one, it is also important to think about the living, most notably, your children and grandchildren.

The cost of providing for good quality education, vocal and academic is exhobitantly high while we know that education is the only tool than can change the fortune of our children.

At some point in our lives, we need to pay deposit for a house, car or any other big ticket item. It is advisable to buy cash but as it is not always possible, it is better when you put a deposit for a big ticket item as that will save you on repayments.

In our quest to Make A Different to People's Lives, Ramaph has established an investment vehicle for Burial Societies, Social Club, Stokvels and any other grouping which would like to invest and thereby creat wealth for their members.

This a 'Pooled Funds' approach - funds from many individual investors that are aggregated to invest in different asset classes. The pooled account lets the investors be treated as a single account, allowing them to buy more units in any investment.

The following are some of the advantage of pooled funds:
  • Take advantage of opportunities typically available to only larger investors.
  • Realise above avergae interest earning (compound interest) - 'interest on interest' will make groups' deposits grow at a faster rate, depending on the rate of compound interest accriues.

Groups are allowed to do lump sum deposits and monthly top up.

Our mandate to the Fund Managers is preserve capital while maximising interest earning potential.

The following Groups have participated in Barloworld Khula SizweShare Scheme and have jointly invested R100 000
  • AmaCentral Social Club
  • Asibambaneni Kopano Club
  • Bhekilanga Burial Society Club
  • Jean & Zanele Nxumalo Club
  • Katlego Ladies Club
  • Progress Family Club - Pretoria
  • Progress Club - Soweto
  • Ramaph Group
  • Unity Burial Society 2

It is never too late to start..we believe that other great opportunities will still come

Should your Group be interested in making provision for the future, please get in touch to prepare for the next opportunities:

Compulsory: Employer Group Funeral Cover

It takes at least three to five years for SMME's to be financially stable to offer a full suite of employee benefits.

Due to lack of capacity and the high cost of effecting proper administration, most SME's shy away from providing basic benefits to their employees.

Ramaph has developed expertise to manage funeral insurance benefits for employers with a minimum of ten employees.

Our services range from member sign-on, raisng of premium, reconciliation up to and including claim management.

Depending on the size of the group, needs and affordability, Ramaph is able to tailor-make a funeral insurance cover to include amongst others, parents, in-laws, adult children and even extended families like brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles.

Employees who are covered with Ramaph will also be legible to participate in our group savings and investment programmes.

We can definitely reduce the burden of "Black Tax" on your employees.

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